Desktop to Mobile

We have been testing with Linx 8 tablets running the windows 8.1 operating system.  These devices come with 1 GB of Ram and 32GB of built in storage with a microSD card slot to expand the capacity. They have a great build quality, good screen and retailing at around £90 for the 8 inch device and £150 for the 10 inch device are inexpensive.

car-8inch-3What they have allowed us to do is move our desktop applications straight to a tablet device without the need for extensive re-programming. For researchers who want to move a lab based experiment into a mobile arena quickly and cheaply the Tech Office can now offer this service without a large development overhead.  We will be looking to create all new applications in a flexible template to allow them to run instantly on these devices as well as standard desktop arrangements.  If you would be interested in taking an existing desktop application or have ideas for a new research project that would benefit from having a mobile version please get in touch with us.

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