Eye Tracking

Interested in  eye tracking and eye movement research?

We have a range of options to help with your research:


RED500We have two RED systems, the 60Hz and 500Hz devices both permanently set up in our labs and fully supported with the excellent SMI software to make eye tracking studies easy to set up, quick to run and meaningful to analyse. Beyond the existing software our expert software designers in the Tech Office can create fully bespoke experiments with eye tracking control. We also have the software development kit to allow eye tracking control to plug directly into your E-Prime, Presentation or Matlab experiments.  Further information about the RED devices can be found at : The SMI website

SMI RED250 MobileA4

With the same software benefits as the lab based SMI units described above the 250 Mobile tracker is designed for researchers who require mobility. It is ideal for studies based in and out of the lab. Further information : The SMI website

Tobii TX300

TobiiThis tracker is brand new to the department and collects gaze data at 300 Hz yet allows large head movements. Currently installed in the Baby Lab for experiments with children and infants. Further information : The Tobii website

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