Lab PC upgrade

SSDOur summer lab refresh included installing brand new Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB solid state drives into all bookable lab space in Link.

They are completely silent, less prone to mechanical malfunction and are able to write and rewrite data at more than 50 times the speed of the standard hard drive, and because there is no disk to spin, a Solid State Disk Drive can start up over 25 times faster than the standard hard drive. Our SSD’s require lower power and produce less heat, resulting in a decrease in electrical usage and a longer lifespan.

System performance represents the most important aspect of our hard drive to SSD transition. This is initially evident in start up times which are a result of the incredibly fast disk access speed of the SSD but it also filters down to application loading and general system performance with every press of the keyboard met with as close to instant response as one could imagine.

Further lab details can be found on the following link: Lab Space Details


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