Software Deployment

We write research software to your requirements for various platforms. A lot of our work for our own labs is for use on Windows PCs so in order to make it easy to deploy our research applications to any Windows computer, including those in our Labs, we use the ‘One-click’ deployment system.

We also have a new website to give easy access to these applications…

deployhomenarrowThe new site can be found at . Applications are arranged in three groups. On the left are publicly visible apps which anyone can download an install. At present there is the software for an experiment kit that Jeremy Goslin has developed for use in schools, and a basic Stroop Suite that is so commonplace that we allow anyone to downlaod and install it.

If you login (button at top right of window) using your Uni credentials then you will find two more columns appear. In the middle is a list of applications where you are listed as a researcher. There is always a lead researcher who will be a member of staff or postgraduate, and there may be any number of associate researchers – typically Stage 4 students using the application for their dissertation project. Their supervisor will be listed as the lead researcher.

On the left is a list of applications available to all staff, deployhomeloggedinand in some cases students. In the example shown the ePrime installer is available to all staff, but is not visible to students by default as there are a limited number of licences.

When you click on the Install Now button you will be taken to the installation page for the application. Check the information there and if it is correct click the Install button. Depending which browser you are using either the Setup process will start or you will be asked if you wish to save Setup.exe – in this case save it and then run it from your download folder.

NB – These applications are all ONLY for installation on WIndows PCs unless otherwise stated. New applications are developed for Windows 10 but should run on Windows 7 or higher although this cannot be guaranteed.

One-click allows applications to be installed in the user’s own space without requiring any administrative privileges. It also allows applications to be installed by simply clicking a link on a website as an alternative to USB stick or CD/DVD.

Applications will normally appear in the Start Menu under a School of Psychology folder, and will also usually install a desktop icon for quick access.

When an application is run, if the PC is online, then it will check for any updated version and offer you the chance to install the update before it is run. Generally you should accept this – especially during the development phase when we may be rolling out bug fixes and changes in response to your feedback from testing the application.

This makes it very easy to deploy applications to any lab as required and also allows them to be deployed on ‘locked-down’ open-access computers managed by TIS – although in this case they are only there for the current user session, and will be wiped when the user logs out.

The website for links to deploy all our research applications is

On the home page you will find links to a few publicly available applications. If we have developed a custom application for your research then you need to log in (link on right side of home page) and you will get a menu of all the applications available for you.

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